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Nutritional Interventions

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Nutrition / Essential Vitamins & Minerals

One of the most important pillars of your health is your nutrition. It is arguably the most important as it directly affects your biochemistry. Aside from maintaining a baseline of proper nutrition, the doctors at Life Key Chiropractic can offer nutritional advice specific to your health needs and injury recovery requirements. This may include a combination of whole food and supplementation with specific vitamins and/or minerals to promote healthy metabolic processes and support reproduction of healthy tissue cells. Please ensure you are thorough on your intake form regrading any oral medications or supplements you are currently taking.

Life Key Chiropractic is partnered with Potential Power Nutrition to ensure our patients have access to top quality supplementation in the most bioavailable vitamin forms and correct dosages to create a solid nutritional foundation. Use code AW001 at checkout for a 10% discount on their website. Products are also available in our office.

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